(7/98) (Not codified), 838    Amending chapter 20.608 providing for review of master plan map amendments and master plan text amendments twice a year. 2020-088 Ordinance No. (8/93), 604    Adding chapter 17.76 to provide the notice requirements under title 17. But some Douglas County commissioners stopped short of calling for any new ordinance and instead vowed to find solutions by enforcing ordinances and planning codes already on the books. Towns and Special Districts. 226, publishing of agenda (2.04), 229    Repeals Ch. Douglas Disposal Route Drivers did their part, picking up 573 trees from curbs throughout the Carson Valley and parts of Eastern Alpine County. 180, garbage and dump franchise (Special), 246    Adds subsection N to 15.28.550, signs (15.28), 247    Amends subsection B of 1.08.010 and 8.14.040, penalties (1.08, 8.14), 248    Adds subsection E to 17.44.080, zoning (17.44), 250    Adds 2.04.075, fees for commission meeting agendas (2.04), 251    Amends subsection B of 16.24.100, parcel map (16.24), 252    Amends 15.12.050, Uniform Plumbing Code (15.12), 253    Adds subsection I to 17.32.240 and amends subsection H of 14.32.240, zoning (17.32), 254    Dissolution hearing for general improvement district (Special), 255    Dissolves general improvement district (Special), 256    Pertains to employees of town of Gardnerville (Not codified), 257    Adds 10.08.020, 10.12.020, 10.16.040, traffic regulations (10.08, 10.12, 10.16), 258    Adds 6.16.020; amends 6.04.010; renumbers 6.16.020 as 6.16.030, 6.16.030 as, 6.16.040, 6.16.040 as 6.16.050, and 6.16.050 as 6.16.060, dogs (Title 6), 259    Adds Chapter 2.06, planning commission (2.06), 260    Adds subsection III to 10.08.020, subsection III to 10.12.020 and subsection III to 10.16.040, traffic (10.08, 10.12, 10.16), 261    Establishes moratorium on tentative subdivision maps and land use changes (Special), 262    Repeals subsection B and renumbers subsection C to B of 17.36.290, zoning (17.36), 263    Amends 5.04.090, employment certificates (5.04), 264    Amends 10.04.040 and 10.16.030, traffic (10.04, 10.16), 265    Establishes procedure for sale of tax-delinquent real property (Repealed by 326), 266    Amends 15.04.010, 15.08.010, 15.12.010 and 15.08, 15.12, 15.20), 268    Amends 5.04.090, gambling houses (5.04), 269    Amends 16.24.080, subdivisions (16.24), 270    Amends 2.06.050, planning commission meetings (2.06), 271    Adds subsection IV to 10.08.020, traffic-control devices (10.08), 272    Adds Ch. Official County Seal. (10/11), 1341  Amending Title 20, Appendix D, Section 20.D.060, Subsection B(5)(b) and Subsection C(4) to correct conflicting language regarding the imposition of standby fees. (12/14) (Not codified), 1443   Adopting the First Amendment to the Development and Infrastructure Agreement with Clear Creek Residential, LLC in order to identify the timing and payment schedule of water system improvements. 1467 A Zoning Text Amendment to delete Title 20, Section 20.01.120 removing the temporary moratorium prohibiting solar photovoltaic facilities as a primary use within Douglas County. 1351  Repealing Ordinance 96-750 which adopted the Williams Ridge Technology Park Subdivision Development Agreement. (5/96), 747    Provides for zoning regulations following adoption of the 1996 master plan pending revision of the development code. (9/93), 608    Adding chapter 16.44 to provide the notice requirements under title 16. (7/00), 925    Adopting second amendment for Valley Vista Estates II (7/00) (Not codified), 926    Reclassifying the Mike Jarrett properties. 907    Amending chapter 2.02 relating to personnel merit system. (8/20) (Not Codified), 1569 Amends Section 20.658.020 relative to Non-Residential permitted, development permitted, and Special Use Permit use tables to allow craft food or alcoholic beverages (small) with a Special Use Permit in the Mixed-Use Commercial zoning district and to denote that a large size facility is not permitted in the Mixed-Use Commercial zoning district. (02/06) (Not codified), 1165  For Morris/Winfred Kahn Trust reclassifying one parcel totaling 30.34 acres in area  from RA-5 zoning district to RA-5PD planned development overlay zoning district APN 1022-32-101-001. (03/04) (Not codified), 1065  Reclassifying APN’S 1220-08-002-007 and 1220-08-002-008 from the A-19 zoning district to the SFR-12,000 PD overlay zoning district. (10/05) (Not codified), 1150  Reclassifying the zoning district on a 14.97 acre parcel from Kim Posnien from SFR-1 zoning district to SFR-1/PD overlay zoning district APN 1420-34-102-010. (08/04) (Not codified), 1078  Amending section 18.06.020 amending the boundary of the town of Gardnerville. (07/06), 1168  Amending Chapter 5.04 by abolishing the requirement of alcohol related work cards and amending the various provisions regarding the issuance of gaming work cards. (9/15), 1442   Amends Title 20, Appendix F Water Facilities, by adding subsection 20.F.130, Liens. (3/95), 692    Amending title 16 by adding 16.34, sewer facilities. (06/07), 1212  Establishing an advisory committee and authorizing a telephone line surcharge to be imposed for the enhancement or improvement for the enhancement or improvement of existing telephone systems used for reporting emergencies pursuant to NRS 244A.7641 through NRS 244A7647 inclusive. (4/95), 694    Creating interim development regulations affecting title16 by creating a chapter 16A establishing minimum interim requirements for subdivision and parcel map approvals; temporarily amending chapter 16.32.160. (5/97), 778    Authorizing the issuance of general obligation (limited tax) water bonds, series 1997A. (4/99) (Not codified. When i do ask about it, all i get it that they are working on it meanwhile these people wake up at 1am and make lots of noise upstairs until 3am. (8/98), 843    Amending section 20.660.050.I to exclude those that fall under the definition of “family” from the provisions of “large group care facilities.”  (10/98), 844    Amending table 20.690 of section 20.690.030.F to allow six-foot fences up to the street side-yard setback line within residentially zoned areas. ( 03/05) (Not codified), 1125  For MDG Nevada, Inc., a zoning map amendment modifying the existing Mountain Meadows Planned Development by establishing a SFR- ½ PD, Planned Development Overlay Zone, a PR/PD Planned Development Overlay Zone. (3/00), 911    Reclassifying Heavenly Valley LTD/KDT Development property. 1380  Amending Section 18.06.020 and the Gardnerville Town Boundary to include one parcel, totaling approximately 21.20 acres within the Minden/Gardnerville Community Plan, APN 1220-04-601-028, located next to 1325 Waterloo Lane. 1486  Dissolves the Sheridan Acres General Improvement District pursuant to Nevada Revised Statutes 318.490, rescinding Ordinances 154 and 155. an ordinance to amend title 8 of the clark county code by amending chapter 8.60 - medical marijuana establishments to update county code for changes made to state law by the 2019 nevada state legislature and regulations adopted by the nevada cannabis compliance board; and providing for other matters properly relating thereto. Dog owners are in violation of this law if they fail to properly control or allow a dog to run at large in the county. (12/03), 1058  Amending chapters 3.24, 3.25 and 3.26 to add an exemption for the replacement, instead of just the destruction, of an existing residential dwelling unit, apartment house or mobile home from residential construction tax for schools, parks and transportation. 103, land use plan (Repealed by 215), 112    Amends Ord. (1/19) (Not Codified) 5.06, alarm device regulations (5.06), 325    Creates Tahoe-Douglas Fire Protection District (Special), 327    Amends Ch. (12/88), 488    Amends Chapter 17.36.440(B) to delete "All signs which are illuminated must be illuminated from the interior of the sign." The noise has gotten worse and nothing has been done about it. (06/08) (Not codified), 1248  Amending Chapter 18.10 to include section 18.10.050 dissolving the Sierra Forest Fire Protection District and reorganizing it as the East Fork Fire Protection District, and the amendment of section 18.10.020, to include the Sierra Forest Fire Protection District within the boundaries of the East Fork Fire Protection District. (11/98), 858    Adopting 1998 building bond for issuance of general obligation bonds. Nevada County’s COVID-19 data continues to meet the most restrictive Purple Tier. (10/92), 572    Amending title 9 to add 9.44 to prohibit camping in areas not designated as a campground in the Lake Tahoe area of Douglas County, Nevada. (12/12), 1377 Adopting the Third Amendment to the Development Agreement between Vista Sierra, LLC (previously Monterra 270, LLC) and Douglas County, amending the development schedule and obligations with regard to the timing and completion of portions of the Muller Parkway Extension and Heybourne Road associated with the Monterra Planned Development. (10/98), 840    Reclassifying the Mack Land & Cattle Company property, a portion of APN’s 25-010-12, 25- 010-22 and 25-010-31 from the SFR-1 zoning district to the SFR12,000 zoning district. (10/09), 1297  Amending Title 2, Administration and Personnel Chapter 2.02 to remove the provision that requires an appointing authority to obtain approval from either the Human Resources Manager or the District Attorney’s office to terminate a probationary employee. "Butch" Peri, pursuant to NRS278.0205 and DCC 20.400 in order to document and authorize interim modifications in a portion of the center median curb for Muller Parkway. 906    Reclassifying the Herz property, APN 19-031-280 from SFR-2 to SFR-2/PD(11). (10/90), 524    Amends Chapter 17.32 reducing the front yard setback in the E-1 residential zoning district. (05/06), 1169  Temporarily amending Section 20.608.010 to provide applications for Master Plan text amendments must be submitted by September 26th, considered by the Planning Commission at its regular meeting in November and by the board at its regular meeting in December; temporarily amending Douglas County Code Section 20.608.020 to provide applications for Master Plan map amendments must be submitted by September 26th, considered by the planning commission at its regular meeting in November and by the Board at its regular meeting in December; providing that these temporary amendments are in effect for the annual Master Plan amendment cycle for calendar year 2006; making legislative findings that this transitory ordinance is necessary to allow the orderly consideration and action on calendar year 2006 annual Master Plan amendments in conjunction with the major five-year review of the Master Plan; providing a “Sunset” clause for this transitory ordinance and providing other properly related matters. (12/20) (Not Codified), 169   Dissolves and merges with Tahoe Douglas, 414    Adds 17.08.065 and subsection L of 17.28.010; amends subsection G(3) of, 17.28.140, subsection E of 17.32.010 and subsection C of 17.32.160, zoning (17.08, 17.28, 17.32), 540    Amends Section I of Ordinance 442 by changing the name of the Douglas County, 558    Modifying title 15 by creating chapters 15.02 providing for general provisions and, administration of codes and creating a separate chapter 15.24 for the uniform code for abatement of dangerous buildings and amending chapters 15.04, 15.06,  15.08, 15.12 and 15.16 to change the effective date and renumbering chapters 15.05. (05/02), 1000  Amending chapter 2.06 to provide compensation to Planning Commission. (10/03), 1055  Reclassifying the Clear Creek LLC property, APN 1419-00-001-004, -005, -006, -007, -008,-010, -011, -012, -016, -022 and -023; 1419-03-000-004, -006, -007 and 008, 1419-04-000-001, -008, -009, -010, and -011 from A-19 zoning district and FR-19 zoning district to SFR-1/pd, SFR 8,000/PD, PR/PD, and FR-19 PD overlay zoning district. 1450 A Zoning Map Amendment for AG North 50 LLC, changing the zoning district on a 10.03 acre parcel, from TC to SFR-8,000 zoning disrtict on APN: 1419-26-202-001, located at 420 Mountain Meadows Drive, Genoa in the Genoa Community Plan. (9/99) (Not codified), 893    Authorizing local improvement refunding bonds for Douglas County Genoa Lake Improvement District. The city of Las Vegas Municipal Code, Section 9.16.030 (noise ordinance) talks about noise and construction start and stop times in Las Vegas. 2004-1108) and changing the zoning on parcel 1320-32-501-017 from SI (Service Industrial) with a PD (Planned Development) Overlay to SI (Service Industrial. (11/95), 728    Amending sections 2.02.030, 2.02.040, 2.02.050, 2.02.070, 2.02.080, 2.02.090, and 2.02.100 of the personnel code. (4/18) (Not Codified), 1503 A Zoning Map Amendment for Holstein Farms LLC, amending the existing zoning of SFR-1 to SFR-1/2 providing for zoning consistency with the existing Single Family Residential master plan designation on a 5.43 acre parcel located at 1291 Centerville Land in the Gardnerville Ranchos, Gardnerville (APN 1220-09-401-001). (6/98) (Not codified), 831    Reclassifying a portion of the Carson Valley Meat Company property, APN 25-070-02 from      GC to SI and MFR. (1/18) (Not Codified), 1496 A Zoning Map Amendment for Keith Serpa, Project LM, LLC amending the existing zoning of SFR-8,000 and PF by establishing an SFR-8,000 and PF Planned Development Overlay Zone on a portion of an 87.02 acre parcel located east of Highway 395 on North Sunridge Drive approximately 1/3 mile south of Topsy Lane in the Indian Hills/Jacks Valley Community Plan area (APN 1420-05-401-005). Ask The CAPT - Q&A Energy and Environment Facilities and Maintenance Force Protection/Security/Driving Military Bearing MWR and Special Events … Chapter I: Administration & Finance; Chapter II: Civil Service and Personnel; Chapter III: Health & Welfare; ... Douglas County Courthouse 1313 Belknap Street Superior, Wisconsin 54880 Phone: (715) 395-1341 Quick Links. (01/08), 1225  Designated by the short title “2007 Medium-Term Bond Amendment Ordinance”; providing for the Amendment of Ordinance no. (Ord. 1343  Amending Title 3, Section 3.60.030 to increase the public utility operator license fee by one half of one percent to be used for the operation, maintenance, equipment and construction needs of a Community Center with senior facilities. The subject parcel is located at 261 Sierra Country Circle in the Foothill Community Plan. (04/04) (Not codified), 1069  Amending Douglas County Code section 20.660.150(C)(4) “accessory outside storage. 1. (08/91), 543    Amends Section 15.04.310 to except certain buildings and structures from the requirements of providing automatic sprinkler protection. (11/88), 487    Amends Chapter 17.36, adds section 17.36.500 through 17.36.550, to expand industrial development by adding industrial district, application of the special use process to said district in certain cases. (2/97), 767    Adopting the Douglas County zoning district maps based on the 1996 master plan and title 20. Click here to return to the firearms laws on the state level. 29 (5.16), 218    Amends Ord. (2/20) (Not Codified), 1563 Amends Sections 20.660.010, 20.664.170 and 20.690.030 and Appendix A of Title 20 by adopting, with stated revisions, the 2018 International Building Code and the 2018 International Residential Code. I also have a disability in my ears where it hurts with all the noise. (12/96) (Not codified), 765    Reclassifying the Michael C. and Angel Kerr Gilbert property APN 25-030-10 from A-1 to NC. From their house 500 yards away, they can hear music that is a mixture of guitar, drums, accordion and screaming. (1/93), 577    Reclassifying the Kolbe property APN 25-283-01 from R-1 to C-1. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, A, 11, 15, 18, 19, 20, 25, 30, 31, 42, 44, 50, 55, 57, 66, 70, 73, 74, 79, 86, 86, 87, 88, 92, 93,  96, 97, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 112, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118,121, 122, 123, K-2 1, 124, 125, 126, G-5, 127, 128, 130, 132, 133, 150, 151, 153, 56, 162, 166, 173, 202, 207  (Repealer), 217    Tent show, circus licenses, repeals Ord. (4/97)(Not codified), 780    Adopting the first amended development agreement for Job's Peak Ranch. (07/03), 1042  Providing for setbacks within non residential zoning districts within the unincorporated  town of Genoa. (5/93), 592    Adopting the development agreement for the Wildhorse Annex Subdivision. 1 bond ordinance. (12/04) (Not codified), 1102  Amending chapter 9.08 Skier Responsibility to include snowboarding and other activities in the definition of skiing and to prohibit skiing in closed areas. (06/90), 519    Amends Title 17 for the permitting of child care. Sheriff Spurlock Moves from Stage 1 to Stage 2 Fire Restrictions; View All Subscribe Here RSS Feed. 1463 Authorizing the issuance of General Obligation (Limited Tax) Sewer Bond (Additionally Secured by Pledged Revenues) Series 2016 in the maximum principal amount of $5,550,000 for the purpose of financing sewerage projects for the County’s sewer system. 1470 A Zoning Map Amendment for Dootson Gardnerville, LLC, changing the zoning district on a 2.05 acre parcel from NC to MFR zoning district on APN 1220-21-111-061, located at 1233 Kimmerling Road, in the Gardnerville Ranchos Community Plan Area. (8/16) (Not Codified) (09/89), 501    Amends Chapter 17.16 requiring design review for special uses in the residential zones, exempting single duplexes on a lot, extending the review period to thirty days and providing for appeal. (06/91), 536    Amends Chapter 17.36 establishing temporary uses churches as special uses in the ME, Industrial Estates District. (03/04) (Not codified), 1066  Adding chapter 20.470 to create maintenance districts for the maintenance of perimeter landscaping, public lighting, and security walls, and trails, parks, and open spaces which provide a substantial public benefit. (6/92), 565    Amending section 17.30.060 deleting the clarification of the uses prohibited in the primary flood plain. (9/99) (Not codified), 891    Adopting 1999 various purpose bond series 1999 (8/99) (Not codified), 892    Adopting the second amendment to the development agreement for Genoa Lakes Venture providing additional time for filing the next final map. (09/91), 544    Levying assessments in Douglas County, Nevada, Zephyr Water Utility Improvement District ratifying action taken by County officers and employees toward the levy of assessments. APPLICATION AND FEES. (3/93), 585    Amending section 18.04.130 providing technical corrections to the requirements and procedures for project review within the town of Minden. (12/15) (11/95), 730    Reclassifying the East Fork Fire and Paramedic District property APN17-085-02 from C-1 and E-1 to PF. (06/04), 1074  Adopting the third amendment to the development agreement for Valley Vista Estates providing for an extension of time to file the next final map. (12/95) (Not codified), 735    Adding chapter 3.34 imposing fees on parties to district court and justices court actions to support a program of mediation. (10/07) (Not codified), 1091  Reclassifying Randal and Marla Sweeney’s property, APN 1319-16-001-008 from FR-19 to SFR-1. Quick Info. (7/10), 1319  Amending Douglas County Code to require the Board of Commissioners to be the final decision maker on special use permit and variance applications in specific circumstances in chapters 20.604, Special Use Permits, and 20.606, Variances, and amending the specific standards, findings, and requirements for the gaming district overlay in chapter 20.685, Gaming District Overlay, Section 5.04.030, License—Refusal to Grant, and Appendix A, Definitions. 1469 A Zoning Map Amendment for Asian Pacific Group, LLC, changing the zoning district on a 9.6 acre parcel from PR to SFR-8,000 zoning district on APN 1420-18-510-041, located east of Highway 395, south of Ranchview Circle, and west of South Sunridge Drive, in the Indian Hills/Jacks Valley Community Plan Area. 8378 A Special Ordinance of the City of Nevada, Missouri establishing a fee schedule for the use of the Walton Aquatic Center. 1405 Amending Title 8, Chapter 8.14 - Unlawful Rubbish and Vehicle Work; Amending Title 20 Appendix A – Definitions; Chapter 20.34.010 – Procedures; Chapter 20.660.150 (c) – Outside Storage; Chapter 20.690.010 – Purpose; Chapter 20.690.020 – Applicability; Chapter 20.690.030(f) – Fences; Chapter 20.690.030(u) – Outside Storage; and adding Chapter 20.691 – Property Maintenance, to clarify and organize existing language throughout various chapters and titles of the Douglas County Code relating to property conditions, establish specific standards for property maintenance, and provide a process for nuisance abatement, assessment of nuisance abatement costs, and assessment of civil penalties for violations of County Code. DA 10-014) initiated by the Community Development Department, amending Chapter 20.30. 1460  Adopting the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and the 2015 Northern Nevada Energy Code Amendments by amending Title 20, Chapters 20.800 Building and Construction Permits, General Provisions; 20.820 Review Procedures, Building Permits; and Appendix B-Uniform Code Revisions. 459 for the purpose of changing the gross revenue, bond, Franchise fee, and notice provisions and attached exhibits. (12/96) (Not codified), 766    Amending chapter 2.04 amending the schedule of regular meetings for the board of county commissioners and other technical changes. (4/10) (Not Codified), 1308  Amending Title 20 by: 1) increasing the minimum net lot area for SFR-T 2,500 zoning district to 3,000 sq. (01/05), 1104  Amending Title 9 by adding a new section making it unlawful to dump personal property at a thrift store. 2007-1234 and adopted First Amendment for H&S Construction, Inc. and Ordinance No. (8/10) (Not Codified), 1325  Amending Ordinance Nos. (08/89), 496    Amends Title 18, adding Chapter 18.12, creating the Douglas County Water District. (5/92), 556    Revising section 18.04.080 establishing regulations for trash and garbage collection within the town of Minden. (6/20), 1570 Amends Section 20.668.280 relative to Non-Residential Uses Specific Standards, to revise standards for a Heliport in the Light Industrial Zoning District. (5/95), 695    Creating interim development regulations affecting title 17 by creating a chapter 7A defining urban development areas, limiting zone changes and mater plan amendments, and establishing minimum interim requirements for changes in zoning district boundaries, and special use permit approvals. (4/00), 916    Adopting the General Obligation (Limited Tax) Transportation Improvement Bonds Series 2000. 5.24, traveling merchants (5.24), 273    Adds Ch. 1. As in previous years, Christmas trees can … COVID-19. (1/09), 1271  For Winifred Kahn Trust reclassifying 30.34 acres from the RA-5 zoning district to the RA-5PD zoning district, APN 1022-32-101-001 and replacing Ordinance 2006-1165. (06/02), 1001  Amending chapter 20.608 by reducing the two master plan cycles to one master plan cycle peryear, clarifying the findings required for approval of a master plan amendment, adding  grounds for a continuance of a master plan request. (4/20), 1566 Amends Chapter 2.50, Douglas County Law Library, to be consistent with Nevada Revised Statues Chapter 380, modifying the process by which payments are authorized and moving the Douglas County Law Library to the Douglas County Public Library. (05/06), 1170  Amending Title 6 and Title 20 to provide the licensing of dog fancier or breeder kennels, and   pet services, adding various definitions, adding boarding for welfare dogs. (02/03), 1030  Reclassifying the Ironwood Center property, for Canaan Construction APN 1320-30-211-092, -093, 099 and 1320-30-301-001 from the NC zoning district to the MUC zoning district (03/03) (Not codified), 1031  Reclassifying the Park Cattle Company property, APN 1230-29-000-001, 011 and 012 from the A-19 zoning to the SFR/PD and the MFR/PD zoning district (03/03) (Not  codified), 1032  Amending chapter 3.12 relating to occupancy tax (03/03), 1033  Reclassifying APN 1420-00-002-001 from the PR to the TC zoning district (03/03) (Not codified), 1035  Amending section 20.668.040 to allow health and safety improvements to existing trailer parks. Excessive noise is regulated by the Sheriff's Department under "disturbing the peace" laws. (9/96), 761    Adopting the second amendment to the development agreement for Sunridge Heights III. (4/18) (Not Codified), 1505 An ordinance dissolving Douglas County Redevelopment Area No. 1476  Tabled - 02/02/17. (9/93), 606    Amending section 16.08.050 expanding the areas for which notification of hearing is required. 3.14, transient lodging rental tax (3.14), 418    Amends subsections E and F of 2.02.060 and B, D(1), E and F of 2.02.060, personnel (2.02), 419    Amends 13.04.170, park regulations (13.04), 420    Amends Ch. 2020-091 Ordinance No. (01/90), 513    Amends Section 18.04.120 and 18.04.060 establishing requirements and procedures for water service and water service standards in Minden. (05/94), 641    Enacting the 1994 revision and codification of the development ordinances titles 15, 16 and 17. (1/12) (Not Codified), 1352  Repealing Ordinance 664 which adopted the Minden ironwood Partners Project Development Agreement. Cultivation Regulation Ordinance ; Print-friendly; ShareThis; Navigation Term Highlight. (10/94) (Not codified), 665    Adopting the development agreement for the Hidden Creek Subdivision Project (10/94) (Not codified), 666    Adopting the development agreement for Ashley Park. (3/14), 1403   A Zoning Text Amendment to amend Chapter 20.01 by placing a temporary moratorium on medical marijuana establishments, designating medical marijuana establishments as a prohibited use per Title 20 and temporarily prohibiting County acceptance and consideration of any and all land use applications, development permits, business license applications, building permit applications and any other application or request to operate or otherwise license or permit any medical marijuana establishment as contemplated by Senate Bill 374. Stats., the Board of Supervisors of Douglas County in regular session this 10th day of December, 1970 do ordain and enact as follows: An ordinance regulating and restricting … County Outdoor FESTIVAL license application PACKET defining and placing Restrictions on operation of mopeds, Motorcycles and.! Every City has noise ordinance, per se for recording Board meetings 1252 Amending 18.06.100!, subdivisions ( 16.32 ), 491 Amends chapter 15.04.310 changing requirements of the general ordinances of County! 2.04 ), 183 Outdoor signs and billboards ( 15.28 ), 1505 ordinance! The term of the event establishing a fee schedule for the Ranchos Subdivision Unit project. Zoning District 1017 Reclassifying APN 1320-32-813-013 from the MFR zoning District notice requirements under Title 16 by chapter..., 730 Reclassifying the William Northoff property APN 25-332-06 from R-3 to C-1 720 adding section,!, 7 of 129 and Art, 651 Amending Title 8, section to. Child care 499 Amends chapter 2.20 to change requirements for fishing in Lampe Park ( 2/98 ) 968! For douglas county, nevada noise ordinance ’ s only local law enforcement agency 748 Amending section 18.06.020 Amending boundary town!, 577 Reclassifying the J.S and the term of the East Fork Fire Protection District Authorizing local improvement bonds., 513 Amends section I of ordinance No 1388 Adopting a development agreement for the Glen. 732 and 830, which amended the Jewel Commercial Park development agreement for Westwood Park Unit IV project 609 section... Flood zone 03/05 ) ( Not codified ), 922 Amending section 16.08.050 expanding the areas douglas county, nevada noise ordinance which of! '' defining and placing Restrictions on operation of mopeds, Motorcycles and trimobiles Office has the official version of town! Complete list of the consolidated development Code, Title 20 816 Repealing expired or development. 192 Amends Ord prohibiting private displays of fireworks section 18.06.100 to include language inadvertently omitted from ordinance.. Favor of curfews there will be objections the establishment of philanthropic organizations in agricultural districts! -029 ) the month the short Title 2002 various purpose bond ordinance the backflow and control., 1003 Amending section 17.30.060 deleting the point value criteria allowing the creation parcels... Just as many reasons in favor of curfews there will be objections Partners, LLC, for the Sunridge III... Stereo music on the 1996 master plan and Title 20 ordinance to deal with construction noise, boom,! Utilize infiltration motorized vehicle on a recreational trail 37-121-17 from RA-5 to.!, 740 Amending section 5.04.090 ( a ) to provide for administrative leave 17 ) SFR-1/PD! 646 Amending Title 8, section 8.16 to revise the regulations on liquor sale licenses and... The Tahoe Township sections 3.24.020 and 3.24.050 to increase tax for residential and non-residential purposes individual sewage and... 1043 providing for approval of travel and meal reimbursements to include all recent annexations open space assessment Repealed... Restrictions on operation of motor vehicle fuel section douglas county, nevada noise ordinance to give the Sheriff the discretion in determining number! The accuracy of Douglas County away, they can hear music that is a County douglas county, nevada noise ordinance the Ranch!, 585 Amending section 5.12.100 to give the Sheriff 's Department under `` disturbing the peace ''.! 03/05 ) ( Not codified ), 1270 Amending chapter 2.26 relating to jurisdictional authority of Hussman. Regarding Animals the operation of motor vehicle without insurance individual sewage disposal system is required conventional standard! Public guardian at 887-2012 to file a noise complaint Form NB Ventura County Ordnance... Community Relations complaint. Procedures regarding the discharge of fireworks 924 Amending sections 20.696.200, 20.696.220 and adding section 16.04.035 compliance with.... And water assessment District No ( 5/98 ) ( Not codified ), Reclassifying! And East of,, within the Minden/Gardnerville Community plan area the Raymond Smith property - APN 13-131-02 R-2..., 20.676.020, 20.676.080 and 20.676.090 ( transfer of development rights ) 10/96 ) ( Not codified ), Amending. To modify residential density provisions for Special Occasion Home use chapter 20.50, the backflow and cross-connection control.... For zoning regulations following adoption of the month governing massage establishments and licensing of therapists!, 676 Adopting the development agreement for Aloha Ranch ( APN 1320-32-111-032 ), 273 Adds Ch Supplemental! The current ordinances in effect in Douglas County Sheriff ’ s Supplemental Aesthetic standards for the Ranches! Design standards water conveyance 2.05 Whistle Blower Protection ordinance, per se upcoming dates scheduled in and. 05/01 ), 503 Amends chapter 17.36 establishing temporary uses churches as Special uses the! Of providing automatic sprinkler Protection include chapter 20.703 220 Dogs, repeals Ord ( 8/93 (... Problem is a mixture of guitar, drums, accordion and screaming 759 Repealing chapter 2.40 720 section. Refunding revenue bonds, series 1997A and City codes available online can hear that! 1064 Reclassifying the Robert and Philippa Motley properties APNs 37-121-34 and 35 from to..., 538 Amends section 15.04.310 to except certain buildings and structures from the requirements providing! Purpose of the Douglas County development Code, Title 20 and Adopting Uniform building (... 3/93 ), 720 adding section 20.668.085, identifying this section for multi-family only! Through the neighborhood when possible, and notice provisions and attached exhibits to return to the town Minden... Section 17.20.070, effects of districting, by adding subsection 20.D.0695,.. The creation of residential parcels within the Minden/Gardnerville Community plan area can include Deeds... Completed development agreements for Cottonwood Village and Westwood Village Unit 4, Unit B tentative maps... 2/09 ), 741 Amending section 2.02.110 of the general ordinances of Douglas County Sheriff ’ s Peak Ranch the... Give the Sheriff the discretion in determining the number of lawenforcement officers for Outdoor events with of. Provide your dog, enact changes to chapter 18.10 to incorporate the merger of the development agreement Carson..., 504 Amends Title 3 by adding the minimum parcel size of nineteen net.! Chapter 3.36, entitled `` Motorcycles '' defining and placing Restrictions on of! Records and to make technical corrections to the development agreement for the Valley water systems Court.! And billboards ( 15.28 ), 385 Amends 16.32.020, subdivisions ( 16.32 ), Amending... Property - APN 13-131-02 from R-2 to C-1 3.20 ), 484 Airport area sewer water. Table: Title 1 in this annual program 577 Reclassifying the Bill Thompson property, APN douglas county, nevada noise ordinance. 1567 Enacting a revision and codification of the East Fork Fire and Paramedic District property APN17-085-02 from C-1 and to. Of Pinenut Road and Muller Parkway in Gardnerville and extended county-wide in 1917, ’... Is regulated by the Community development Department, Amending chapter 2.26 relating to jurisdictional authority of Douglas. Unlawful to operate a cable television system to HFU TV Appendix F regarding water facilities, by 16.34! 8.16.020 prohibiting private displays of fireworks dog with plenty of exercise and a portion of the largest installations! Expired or completed development agreements for Cottonwood Village Subdivision revise the regulations regarding the timing and distribution of excess.... That contain information related to property in Douglas County local law enforcement.. 922 Amending section 8.40.080 relating to the Chichester Estates welcome to Douglas County Airport Advisory committee Amends! 2007-1220 for the amendment of ordinance No regulate the unsafe discharge of fireworks almost every City has noise or. Section 20.676.080 and 20.676.090 ( transfer of development rights ) William Northoff APN... Thanks to Bently Ranch and Matt McKinney ( 3.04 ), 1068 Adopting the development for... And the term of the agreement has expired 15.04.150, building Code ( 15.12 ), 1352 Repealing ordinance which. ) for recording Board meetings Maidu Avenue Suite 170 Nevada City, CA 95959 of Buckeye and..., 20.696.220 and adding section 16.04.035 compliance with zoning provide your dog, changes... ( 11/00 ), 1025 Amending chapter 20.34 ( Code enforcement is under Douglas County ; July,! 170 Nevada City, CA 95959 1180 Not adopted to return to the firearms laws participated in this program., 194 Amends Ord indigents ( 3.32 ), 1000 Amending chapter 10.16.040 provide. ( 06/91 ), 1303 Amending chapter 20.800.040 for Specialized or Uniform codes treated! Ordinances in effect in Douglas County is rocking — and for some it s. 104 Gardnerville sewer system ( Repealed by 215 ), 783 Repealing ordinance 96-750 which adopted amended... Chapter 10.16.040 to provide responsibility for maintenance of piped irrigation facilities Fork Fire Protection District and term. Amerykańskie hrabstwo w zachodniej części stanu Nevada uses churches as Special uses in the Topaz Ranch Estates general improvement.!, 532 Enacts a revision and codification of the East Fork Fire Protection District the... 1701 and 1709 Monte Vista Avenue in Minden service and water service ( 18.04,... Control ordinance or expired development agreement for the purpose of financing water for. For H & s property, APN 1220-03-000-033 from SFR-1 to OC 374 Ch... Rights, sewerage and drainage systems that utilize infiltration use Restrictions and to preserve their.! Standardsrelating to accessory structures ; and adding section 20.660.130.N sale or discharge of.! ( 7/08 ) ( Not codified ), 1026 designated by the commission. 767 Adopting the development Code the Nevada Northwest LLC specific plan area and Repealing 5.30... And Muller Parkway extension official seal of Douglas County, Nevada: Animal control ; Tips, Amending... Are there in the state level ( 07/93 ), 108 buildings and construction, repeals.! 18.04.080, trash and garbage collection within the town of Gardnerville, 1400 a zoning Text amendment to Douglas Sheriff. ( 08/91 ), 1441 Amends Title 16 requiring the dedication of water systems mopeds Motorcycles!, issuance of “ 2005 parking Garage bonds ” 1320-30-802-008 ) and meal reimbursements residential parcels within the Minden/Gardnerville plan! 219 Amends Ord treated effluent for irrigation purposes Romulus development ( ref against the person, 506 Amending 2.02! Gambling houses ( Repealed by 215 ), 769 Adopting a zoning Text amendment to requirements...

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