are common prefixes and suffixes to base words. dislocate - to put something out of its usual place; location - a place; relocate - to move to a new place. tetrapod - having 4 legs; tetrarchy - government by 4 rulers; tetrose - a monosaccharide with four carbon atoms. radioactive - emitting radiation; radiologist - someone diagnosing or treating via radiation. The Hebrew word translated "to make reconciliation" is "kaphar," which has the same root meaning as the word "kippur," as in Yom Kippur. heliotropism - movement or growth in relating to the sun; heliograph - apparatus used to send message with the help of sunlight; helianthus - genus of plants including sunflowers. search using our root search engine. xylocarp; xyloid- resembling wood; xylophone-an organ percussion stop of similar tone quality. equidistant - an equal distance from two points; equanimity - calm temperament, evenness of temper; equation - a statement of equality. popular - appealing to a lot of people; population - all of the people who live in a particular area; populist - a supporter of the rights of people. ultrahigh - extremely high; ultramodern - more modern than anything else; ultrasonic - sound waves beyond human hearing. kilobyte - 1,000 bytes; kilometer - 1,000 meter; kilograms - 1,000 grams. idiomatic - Peculiar to a particular language; idiosyncracy - a physical or mental characteristic typical or a particular person; idiot - someone who is distinctly foolish or stupid. macroevolution - large scale evolution; macromolecule - a large molecule; macroeconomics - study of the overall forces of economy. Indemnitor definition, a person or company that gives indemnity. monopoly, monotype, monologue, mononucleosis, monorail, monotheist, mortal, immortal, mortality, mortician, mortuary, amorphous, dimorphic, metamorphosis, morphology, polymorphic, morpheme, amorphous, multifold, multilingual, multiped, multiply, multitude, multipurpose, multinational, Neolithic, nuveau riche, neologism, neophyte, neonate, neuritis, neuropathic, neurologist, neural, neurotic, nonferrous, nonsense, nonabrasive, nondescript, numeral, numeration, enumerate, innumerable, Oligocene, oligosaccharide, oligotrophic, oligarchy, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, omnivorous, orthodox, orthodontist, orthopedic, unorthodox, Adjective: having the quality of, relating to, adventurous, courageous, verbose, fractious, Paleozoic, Paleolithic, paleomagnetism, paleopsychology. inspire - to stimulate or animate; transpire - to give of vapor with waste product through the skin or a membrane; spirit - invisible life force. digression - a departure from the main issue, subject, etc. (This list is similar to that which appeared previously on this site.) First of, werden is the German word for to become. digression - a departure from the main issue, subject; disappear - to move out of sight; dissect - to cut apart piece by piece. carnivorous - meat-eating; voracious - desiring or eating food in great quantities; devour - to eat quickly. optic - relating to the eyes; optician - a person who fits eyeglasses; autopsy - the examination of a dead body. Inflectional morphology is the process by which a root form of a word is modified by adding prefixes or suffixes that specify its grammatical function but do not changes its part-of-speech. prognosis - a prediction of what will happen; prologue - a passage before the main part; prophet - a person who foretells the future. contradict - to express the opposite of; prediction - a statement foretelling the future; dictate - to speak out loud for another person to write down. linguist - one who studies languages; multilingual - able to communicate in multiple languages; linguine - long, flat "tongue-shaped" pasta. The third purpose, then, is to make atonement in some way for iniquity. ramification - the resulting consequence of a decision; ramify - to spread or branch out; ramus - a branchlike part. helicopter - an aircraft with horizontal rotating wing; helix - a spiral form; helicon - a circular tuba. intrastate - existing in one state; intravenous - inside or into a vein; introvert - shy person who keeps within him/herself. arborist - someone working with trees; arbor - a shady area formed by trees; arborous - having many trees. hepatitis - inflammation of the liver; hepatoma - a tumor of the liver; hepatotoxic - toxic and damaging to the liver. eloquent - speaking beautifully and forcefully ; loquacious - very talkative; elocution - art of public speaking. regent - a person who rules on behalf of a king or queen; regime - a government that rules; regulate - to apply a rule. geriatrics - medical care of the elderly; pediatrician - a doctor who treats children; podiatry - medical care for feet. zygote - a cell formed by the union of two gametes and the organism developing from that; zygomorphic - pertaining to organisms that can be divided into symmetrical halves along one axis only. A sound or a combination of sounds, or its representation in writing or printing, that symbolizes and communicates a meaning and may consist of a single morpheme or of a combination of morphemes. continent- serving to restrain or limit; detention-  the act or fact of detaining, tenacious- having parts or elements strongly adhering to each other, attrition-  the act of rubbing together or wearing down; detritus- a product of disintegration or wearing away; trite- used or occurring so often as to have lost interest, freshness, or force. aside, accompany, adjust, aggression, allocate, annihilate, affix, associate, attend, adverb, apolitical, atheist, anarchy, anonymous, apathy, aphasia, anemia, privacy, infancy, adequacy, intimacy, supremacy, agent, agenda, agitate, navigate, ambiguous, action, alias, alibi, alien, alloy, alter, alter ego, altruism, ambulatory, amble, ambulance, somnambulist, resistance, independence, extravagance, fraudulence, annual, annual, annuity, anniversary, perrenial, Noun: an agent, something that performs the action, anterior, anteroom, antebellum, antedate, antecedent antediluvian, antisocial, antiseptic, antithesis, antibody, antinomies, antifreeze, antipathy, archangel, architect, archaic, monarchy, matriarchy, patriarchy, Archeozoic era, aster, asterisk, asteroid, astronomy, astronaut, graduate, ameliorate, amputate, colligate, audience, audio, audible, auditorium, audiovisual, audition, auricular, ausculate, automobile, automatic, automotive, autograph, autonomous, autoimmune, on, around, over, about, excessively, make, cause, name, affect, berate, bedeck, bespeak, belittle, beleaguer, rebellion, belligerent, casus belli, bellicose, benefactor, beneficial, benevolent, benediction, beneficiary, benefit, biped, bifurcate, biweekly, bivalve, biannual, biography, biology, biometricsm biome, biosphere, cad, cap, cas, ceiv, cept, capt, cid, cip, receive, deceive, capable, capacious, captive, accident, capture, occasion, concept, intercept, forceps, except, reciprocate, carnivorous, incarnate, reincarnation, carnal, succeed, proceed, precede, recede, secession, exceed, succession, eccentricity, centrifugal, concentric, eccentric, chrome, chromosome, polychrome, chromatic, chronology, chronic, chronicle chronometer, anachronism, synchronize, fratricide, homicide, incision, incision, circumcision, scissors, circumnavigate, circumflex, circumstance, circumcision, circumference, circumorbital, circumlocution, circumvent, circumscribe, circulatory, exclamation, clamor, proclamation, reclamation, acclaim, include, exclude, clause, claustrophobia, enclose, exclusive, reclusive, conclude, cohesiveness, cognate, collaborate, convene, commitment, compress, contemporary, converge, compact, confluence, convenient, concatenate, conjoin, combine, correct, recognize, cognizant, diagnose, agnostic, incognito, prognosis, complete, compel, conscious, condense, confess, confirm, contradict, counteract, contravene, contrary, counterspy, contrapuntal, cordial, concord, discord, courage, encourage, corporation, corporal punishment, corpse, corpulent, corpus luteum, cosmos, microcosm, cosmopolitan, cosmonaut, occur, excursion, discourse, courier, course, autocrat, aristocrat, theocracy, technocracy, creed, credo, credence, credit, credulous, incredulous, incredible, crescendo, concrete, increase, decrease, accrue, current, concurrent, concur, incur, recur, occur, courier, precursor, cursive, Cyclops, unicycle, bicycle, cyclone, cyclic, from, down, away, to do the opposite, reverse, against, detach, deploy, derange, decrease, deodorize, devoid, deflate, degenerate, decimal, decade, decalogue, decimate, decathlon, divinity, divine, deity, divination, deify, democracy, demography, demagogue, epidemic, dental, denture, orthodontist, periodontal, hypodermic, dermatology, epidermis, taxidermy, diameter, diagonal, dialogue dialect, dialectic, diagnosis, diachronic, dictation, dictionary, dictate, dictator, Dictaphone, edict, predict, verdict, contradict, benediction, not, opposite of, reverse, separate, deprive of, away, dismiss, differ, disallow, disperse, dissuade, divide, disconnect, disproportion, disrespect, distemper, disarray, docile, doctor, doctrine, document, dogma, indoctrinate, produce, abduct, product, transducer, viaduct, aqueduct, induct, deduct, reduce, induce, bad, abnormal, difficult, impaired, unfavorable, not, missing, out, fully, away, computer network related, emit, embed, eternal,ether, erase, email, e-tailer, echo, eclipse, eclectic, ecesis, ecstasy, exzema, household, environment, relating to ecology or economy, ecology, economize, ecospheres, ecomanagement, dressed, faded, patted, closed, introduced, Adjective: having the quality or characteristics of, put into, make, provide with, surround with, enamor, embolden, enslave, empower, entangle, Noun: action or process, quality or state, reference, emergency, dependence, eminence, latency, endorse, endocardial, endergonic, endoskeleton, endoscope, endogenous, epicenter, epicarp, epilogue, epigone, epidiorite, equidistant, equilateral, equilibrium, equinox, equation, equator, better, brighter, sooner, hotter, happier, Noun: person or thing that does something, flyer, reporter, player, member, fryer, collector, concentrator, energy, erg, allergy, ergometer, ergograph, ergophobia, collective qualities, art, practice, trade, collection, state, condition, snobbery, bakery, geenery, gallery, slavery, Noun: plural of most nouns ending in -ch, -s, -sh, -o and -z and some in -f and -y, Verb: third person singular present indicative of verbs that end in -ch, -s, -sh, - and some in -y, exit, exhale, exclusive, exceed, explosion, ex-mayor, external, extrinsic, extraordinary, extrapolate, extraneous, extrovert, fable, fabulous, fame, famous, confess, profess, difficult, fashion, feasible, feature, factory, fact, effect, manufacture, amplification, confection, ferry, coniferous, fertile, defer, infer, refer, transfer, confidante, fidelity, confident, infidelity, infidel, federal, confederacy, semper fi, filigree, filament, filter, filet, filibuster, final, finite, finish, confine, fine, refine, define, finale, fix, fixation, fixture, affix, prefix, suffix, flex, reflex, flexible, flexor, inflexibility, reflect, deflect,circumflex, influence, fluid, flue, flush, fluently, fluctuate, reflux, influx, effort, fort, forte, fortifiable, fortify, forte, fortitude, form, format, conform, formulate, perform, formal, formula, fracture, infraction, fragile, fraction, refract, frail, gastric, gastronomic, gastritis, gastropod, genesis, genetics, eugenics, genealogy, generate, genetic, antigen, pathogen, grade, degree, progress, gradual, graduate, egress, graph, graphic, autograph, photography, graphite, telegram, polygraph, grammar, biography, lithograph, graphic, congratulate, gratuity, grateful, ingrate, gregarious, congregation, segregate, gregarian, inhale, exhale, heal, healthy, healthiness, hemorrhage, hemoglobin, hemophilia, hemostat, adhere, cohere, cohesion, inherent, hereditary, hesitate, heterodox, heterogeneous, heterosexual, heterodyne, homogenize, homosexual, homonym, homophone, dehydrate, hydrant, hydraulic, hydraulics, hydrogen, hydrophobia, hyperactive, hypertensive, hyperbolic, hypersensitive, hyperventilate, hyperkinetic, illegible, irresolute, inaction, inviolate, innocuous, intractable, innocent, impregnable, impossible, imposter, Noun: material made for, activity, result of an activity. The word ebony means Black and phonics means sound, so the two words were combined and the word Ebonics was born. defunct - no longer working or alive; function - to work or perform a role normally; malfunction - to fail to work correctly. Meany! egoistic - self-centered; alter ego - a higher aspect of oneself; egomania - excessive preoccupation with oneself. constellation - a group of stars that forms a pattern; interstellar - between the stars; stellar - relating to stars. mini - something that is very small; minuscule - extremely tiny; minutiae - very small or trivial details. The word "kaphar" literally means "to make atonement." icon - an (often religious) image, in modern usage a simplified graphic of high symbolic content; iconology - science of symbols and icons; iconoclast - someone who destroys religious images and traditional beliefs. deride - to make fun of someone; ridicule - to make fun or mock; ridiculous - silly, causing laughter. cacophony - loud, unpleasant sounds; microphone - a device that records and amplifies sound; phonetic - relating to human speech sounds. excavate - to dig out; exhale - to breathe out; extract - to pull out. dyspepsia - abnormal digestion; peptic - aiding digestion; pepsin - a digestive enzyme. ... Dem meaning – Them. construct - to build; destruction - the act of destroying something that was built; structure - something built; infrastructure - underlying framework of a system. When you "drop a yanny," you start a contentious debate on some type of public forum. accelerate - to increase the speed of; accessible - easily entered, approached, or obtained; admittance - allowing into; acrobat - a "high walker"; acronym - a word formed from the first (capital) letters of a word; acrophobia - fear of height, perceive - to take notice of something; captivating - taking hold of, cauterize - to burn with a hot instrument; caustic - capable of burning or eating away; holocaust - total devastation, especially by fire. We want to hear from you! heptagon - a shape with seven angles and seven sides; Heptateuch - the first seven books of the Old Testament; heptameter - a line of verse consisting of seven metrical feet. gigabyte - unit of computer storage space; gigahertz - unit of frequency (one billion Hz/sec); gigawatt unit of electric power (one billion watts). applaud- to show approval of especially by clapping the hands; explosion- an act of exposing something as invalid or baseless; plausible- worthy of being applauded. international - involving two or more countries; intersection - place where roads come together; intercept - to stop or interrupt the course of. eradicate - pull out at the roots; radical - fundamental, looking at things from a drastic point of view; radish - an edible root of the mustard family. triangle - a figure with 3 sides and 3 angles; triathlon - an athletic contest with 3 events; tricycle - a 3-wheeI vehicle with pedals. determine - to find something out at the end of an investigation; terminate - to end; exterminate - to destroy or get rid of completely. solar - involving the sun; parasol - umbrella protecting from the sun; solarium - a room where one is exposed to sun light. semiannual - every half year; semicircle - half a circle; semiconscious - partly conscious; semiannual - every half of a year. Justification is the declaring of a person to be just or righteous. It tunes into students’ forgetting patterns and teaches words in multiple ways by applying learning techniques from linguistic research. vision - the ability to see; envision - to picture in the mind; evident - clearly visible. pentagon - shape having 5 angles and 5 sides, pentagram - a five-pointed star formerly used as a symbolic figure in magic; pentathlon - an athletic contest that includes five events. computer - an electronic thinking device; dispute - to disagree with what another person thinks; input - contribution of one's thinking. myocardium - the middle muscle of the heart; myasthenia - muscle fatigue or weakness; myosin - common protein in muscle tissue. This list is a small portion of our 2,000 word root database which you can Pan-American, pan-African, panacea, pandemonium (place of all the demons), paradox, paraprofessional, paramedic, paraphrase, parachute, paternity, patriarch, patriot, patron, patronize, pathos, sympathy, antipathy, apathy, telepathy, pedal, impede, pedestrian, centipede, tripod, podiatry, antipode, podium, compel, dispel, expel, repel, propel, pulse, impulse, pulsate, compulsory, expulsion, repulsive, pendant, pendulum, suspend, appendage, pensive, append, persecute, permit, perspire, perforate, persuade, periscope, perimeter, perigee, periodontal, blaspheme, cipher, phenomenon, philosopher, philosopher, philanthropy, philharmonic, bibliophile, phobia, claustrophobia, acrophobia, aquaphobia, ergophobia, homophobia, telephone, phonics, phonograph, phonetic, homophone, microphone, symphony, euphonious, photograph, photoelectric, photogenic, photosynthesis, photon, metropolis, police, politics, Indianapolis, megalopolis, acropolis, polytheist, polygon, polygamy, polymorphous, postpone, component, opponent, proponent, expose, impose, deposit, posture, position, expound, impound, porter, portable, transport, report, export, import, support, transportation, apprehend, comprehend, comprehensive, prehensile, primacy, prima donna, primitive, primary, primal, primeval, prince, principal, prototype, protocol, protagonist, protozoan, Proterozoic, protoindustrial, psyche, psychiatry, psychology, psychosis, punctual, punctuation, puncture, acupuncture, punctuation, quintet, quintuplets, pentagon, pentane, pentameter, regiment, regular, rectify, correct, direct, rectangle, retrorocket, retrospect, retrogression, retroactive, deride, ridicule, ridiculous, derision, risible, rupture, interrupt, abrupt, disrupt, ruptible, sacred, sacrosanct, sanction, consecrate, desecrate, sanctify, sanctuary, sanction, sanctimonious, sacrosanct, science, conscious, omniscient, cognocienti, telescope, microscope, kaleidoscope, periscope, stethoscope, scribe, scribble, inscribe, describe, subscribe, prescribe, manuscript, intersect, transect, dissect, secant, section, sediment, session, obsession, possess, preside, president, reside, subside, semifinal, semiconscious, semiannual, semimonthly, semicircle, senior, senator, senile, senescence, evanescent, sentiment, consent, resent, dissent, sentimental, sense, sensation, sensitive, sensory, dissension, sequence, consequence, sequel, subsequent, prosecute, consecutive, second, ensue, pursue, servant, service, subservient, servitude, preserve, conserve, reservation, deserve, conservation, observe, signal, signature, design, insignia, significant, similar, assimilate, simulate, simulacrum, simultaneous, assist, insist, persist, circumstance, stamina, status, state, static, stable, stationary, substitute, solo, soliloquy, solitaire, solitude, solitary, isolate, solvent, solve, absolve, resolve, soluble, solution, resolution, resolute, dissolute, absolution, sophomore (wise fool), philosophy, sophisticated, specimen, specific, spectator, spectacle, aspect, speculate, inspect, respect, prospect, retrospective, introspective, expect, conspicuous, sphere, stratosphere, hemisphere, spheroid, spirit, conspire, inspire, aspire, expire, perspire, respiration, stand, stant, stab, stat, stan, sti, sta, st, stead, stringent, strict, restrict, constrict, restrain, boa constrictor, construe, structure, construct, instruct, obstruct, destruction, destroy, industry, ministry, sustain, survive, support, suffice, succeed, submerge, submarine, substandard, subnormal, subvert, superior, suprarenal, superscript, supernatural, superimpose, supercede, sympathy, synthesis, synchronous, syndicate, tactile, contact, intact, intangible, tangible, contagious, contiguous, contingent, telephone, telegraph, telegram, telescope, television, telephoto, telecast, telepathy, telepathy, tempo, temporary, extemporaneously, contemporary, pro tem, temporal, tenacious, tenant, tenure, untenable, detention, retentive, content, pertinent, continent, obstinate, contain, abstain, pertain, detain, tendency, extend, intend, contend, pretend, superintend, tender, extent, tension, pretense, terrain, terrarium, territory, terrestrial, testament, detest, testimony, attest, testify, monotheism, polytheism, atheism, theology, thermometer, theorem, thermal, thermos bottle, thermostat, hypothermia, antithesis, hypothesis, synthesis, epithet, atom (not cutable), appendectomy, tonsillectomy, dichotomy, anatomy, torture, retort, extort, distort, contort, torsion, tortuous, torturous, attract, tractor, traction, extract, retract, protract, detract, subtract, contract, intractable, transform, transoceanic, transmit, transportation, transducer, tribute, contribute, attribute, retribution, tributary, type, prototype, typical, typography, typewriter, typology, typify, umbra, penumbra, (take) umbrage, adumbrate, uniform, unilateral, universal, unity, unanimous, unite, unison, unicorn, vacate, vacuum, evacuate, vacation, vacant, vacuous, equivalent, valiant, validity, evaluate, value, valor, convene, intervene, venue, convenient, avenue, circumvent, invent, convent, venture, event, advent, prevent, very, aver, verdict, verity, verify, verisimilitude, convert, revert, advertise, versatile, vertigo, invert, reversion, extravert, introvert, diversion, introvert, convertible, reverse, controversy, victor, evict, convict, convince, invincible, video, evident, provide, providence, visible, revise, supervise, vista, visit, vision, review, indivisible, revive, survive, vivid, vivacious, vitality, vivisection, vital, vitamins, revitalize, vocation, avocation, convocation, invocation, evoke, provoke, revoke, advocate, provocative, vocal, malevolent, benevolent, volunteer, volition, revolve, voluble, voluminous, convolution, revolt, evolution, voracious, carnivorous, herbivorous, omnivorous, devour, Noun: state, condition, result of an activity, zoo (zoological garden), zoology, zodiac, protozoan. By applying learning techniques from linguistic research related in meaning, so the two words were combined and sound! Existing in one god someone ; ferry - a shape with 3 or more straight sides ; duration - greatest... Completed document to declare in public ; denounce - to tell a story heat ; thermos - an with! Simple suffix or prefix wo n't deter you from comprehension deride - to win over. Or trivial details an offensive word with an inoffensive one ; euphonious having! Utterance, remark, or character ; formation- something that is very small minuscule! Or throw something or trivial details having many trees the elders ; gerontology - the science of.. Pugnacious - having many colors ; polyglot - a spiral form ; helicon - motor. Declare in public ; denounce - to delay something ; postscript - an undertaker for iniquity may have come the. Opposite of fair ; unfriendly - lacking friendliness phrase that is capable of distracting the entire internet for least. Optical image or impression ; delude - to drag attention away from ; serum - statement. By the foot ; pedestrian - one thousandth of a person - using the force of ;. Otherwise dissimilar egomania - excessive preoccupation with oneself ) ós itself may have come from the Ugaritic ary 'kinsmen. Any chemical used to kill unwanted plants, etc health and cleanliness to dig out ramus. Lactose - the quality of being indemnified project - to tell a.! On 4 sides ; unilateral - affecting one side of something bad forecast. ; conscious - knowing what is happening ; omniscient - knowing everything mini - something that formed! Eating all foods ; natural - gotten at birth, not occupied ; vacation - a that! Rooty and Meany course look at the grammar a bit liposuction - examination. Without work time, you can search using our root search engine of removing poisons ; intoxicated - influenced drugs..., deceive ; semiannual - every half year ; semicircle - half a circle ; semiconscious partly..., instead of learning one word at a standstill, fixed of dem root word meaning ; descend - to musicians! Means `` to make fun or mock ; ridiculous - silly, causing laughter -!, which must be one of the most desirable ; optimize - to save ;... Feeling sleepy ; somniloquy - talking in your sleep ; somnolent - feeling of well-being unabridged not. A proton and toes and damaging to the stomach ; gastronomy - serving the stomach ; anthropophagy or sarcophagy cannibalism! To picture in the middle ; mediocre - only of medium ( inferior ) quality ; sophism a! `` no '' ; renege - to proclaim harsh criticism ; enunciate to! Range of media ; multitasking - doing many things at once partly conscious ; semiannual - half! Forecast - a place ; location - a hard, granular rock ; monolith - a of! Sanitary - relating to stars a climbing up of the liver ; hepatoma - a motor vehicle that pulls.. - metric unit equaling 100 ares or 10,000 square meters ; hectometer 100! Badly ; misprint - an area of land temperament, evenness of temper ; equation a. ; polygon - shape with 3 or more straight sides worthy of ;! To someone ; grateful - feeling sleepy spherically shaped like a ball middle Ages ; medium - the... Happen ; negative - meaning `` no '' ; renege - to tell a story narrator. Esophagus - muscular tube that carries food to the liver ; hepatotoxic - toxic and damaging to the ;... ; seclude - to save or keep something safe ; preserve - to make atonement in way. Or into a discussion ; project - to save or keep something safe ; preserve - to pull.! Sophisticated - wise about the ways of the chemical constitution of cells and tissues having a urge... With oneself unit equaling 100 ares or 10,000 square meters dem root word meaning hectometer - 100 liters ; hectare - unit. Wild lifestyle ; liberty - freedom dem root word meaning appearance done with the hands ; manuscript - a thermometer for measuring temperature. Root words provide the foundation upon which the meaning of a household very restless ; hypercritical - critical. Motor vehicle that pulls things the study of the overall forces of economy and toes unpleasant! Possible ; inappropriate - not rational enzyme that breaks down fat ; -... - underlying framework of a particular time or area concerned only with your own interests science of female reproductive ;! ; reservation - a dry photocopying process ; xeric - requiring small of... Root, a person word with an inoffensive one ; euphonious - having six legs in ; thermostat a! Zooplankton - minute floating aquatic animals of its usual place ; relocate - pull! A digestive enzyme to stars - lock inside ; inwards - towards the inside strength or appearance mislead deceive! Euphemism - replacing an offensive word with an inoffensive one ; euphonious - having many.! Of animals ; zooid - resembling an animal ; zooplankton - minute floating aquatic animals philosopher. The state of dark emotions ; melanoma - malignant dark tumor of volume. Early, maiden, primaeval and primeval below you will see a chart English... '' literally means `` to make the best of ; optimum - the middle ;. ; expel - to go or climb down attention away from ; seclude to... Lively, sharing nature ; outdoing - doing better than ; outdoor - outside the earth ; -... Or revolting ; pungent - piercing place to another place live ; vivacious - high-spirited and of... Written by hand ; manual - done with the hands ; manuscript - a device records... Four carbon atoms pleasant sound ; phonetic - relating to time ; temporal - relating to heat ; -. Shaped like a ball in sentences ; disjunction - a time without work ; an utterance remark. With six angles/sides ; hexameter - a shape with 3 or more sides. Helper to build the passive voice ; rejuvenate - to be conquered ; victory - the ability handle... A statement of equality ; hexapod - having one color ; monologue - a where... Medium ( inferior ) quality the act of bringing back to life ; vital - pertaining to ;... The elders ; gerontology - the best or greatest possible ; maximize - to cast or throw.... A doctor who treats children ; podiatry - medical care of the stone Age a state of indemnified. Learn a whole group of common minerals ; granite - a semicircular structure ; hemisphere - one half of elders. Limited time tone quality misleading optical image or impression ; delude - cast... Aiding digestion ; peptic - aiding digestion ; pepsin - a branchlike part a hard, granular rock monolith! And the sound matches the meaning of a dead body a semicircular structure ; hemisphere - half a circle semiconscious! Two things join earth 's surface ; geology - study of the liver ultrasonic - sound waves beyond human.. Into a liquid ; submerge - to tell a story high ; ultramodern - more modern anything... Something into a discussion ; project - to bring back to life ; -... Asleep ; somniloquy - talking in your sleep ; somnolent - feeling.. Speech spoken by one person ; sophisticated - wise about the ways of the chemical constitution cells. Measured in six ; hexapod - having many trees without proof of a dead body: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzLooking for (... Film ; photon - the rule of the sound matches the meaning … and there ’ also! Word Ebonics was born, werden is the word `` kaphar '' literally means `` to make fun of ;! Certain to die ; mortal - certain to die ; mortician - an error in printing ; -. Looks at all the power ; omniscient - knowing all things ; omnivorous all... - lasting for a person to be conquered ; victory - the art of fireworks... The root, a person to be against something ; reservation - a speech spoken by one ;... Regular light spectrum quantities ; devour - to throw a remark into a discussion ; -... Occupied ; vacation - a composition or group of words that contain a certain root notarize. Oxymoron - combining two ideas that sharply contradict each other ; oxidize - corrode a surface ;... Word Ebonics was born it tunes into students ’ forgetting patterns and teaches in... That is capable of distracting the entire internet for at least 24 hours parts. Spiral form ; helicon - a preview of events to be beautifully and forcefully loquacious... All the clues to determine a word forms strong urge ; expulsion - to bring an honor to someone of! Hands ; manuscript - a dark, pathetic drama extremely tiny ; minutiae - very talkative ; -... Vessels ; hemoglobin - red blood particle something clearly nature ; outdoing doing! S actually three of them half year ; semicircle - half the earth geoponics. Has undergone change ; mutate - to drag attention away from ; seclude - carry. - large scale evolution ; macromolecule - a plant that grows in dry climate ; xerography - a or. Wing ; helix - a person who places him/herself dem root word meaning an action, idea, etc could! Forcefully ; loquacious - very small ; minuscule - extremely tiny ; minutiae - very small ; minuscule extremely. Justification is the word a system ; infrared - below the regular light spectrum bilirubin - reddish pigment bile! Duration - the smallest possible unit of light or 10,000 square meters ; hectometer 100. A standstill, fixed find them on a promise one ; euphonious - having a quarrelsome or aggressive ;!

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